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Rheingau 4th-6th Juli 2020

Rheingau 4th-6th Juli 2020
At the beginning of July, research for an article published in Quadro magazine (Hirslandenklinik, Zurich, CH) took me to the Rheingau.
This wine-growing region is internationally famous: besides its liquid gold, it attracted poets and thinkers, radiates with natural beauty and lies on one of Europe's most important of waterways. I started my tour in the very east of the region, at the Künstler Estate. This winery can call a multitude of vineyards its own, and in addition to excellent GGs, which are reserved for Riesling and in some cases also for Pinot Noir, they are also dedicated to Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.
We continued with a short hike, which I definitely recommend to everyone: Take the chairlift in Rüdesheim up to the Niederwald Monument, then walk along the Rhine ascent, which offers magnificent views over the Rhine, Bingen and the estuary of the Nahe. Finally through the vineyards to Assmannshausen and then by ship back to Rüdesheim. Views of famous sites such as the Assmannshäuser Höllenberg, Rüdesheimer Berg Rottland and Roseneck included! A detour with tasting to one of the most beautiful wineries of the Rheingau, Schloss Vollrads, was of course not to be missed!
I stayed at the exquisite Hotel Kronenschlösschen and enjoyed the excellent service and fine cuisine.
The next day offered further cultural and vinosophical highlights. Eberbach Monastery, which shone with its impressive history, architecture and spicy wines, and finally Schloss Johannisberg! Many are familiar with the story of the Spätlesereiter, to whom we owe all the noble sweet wines; when you have these delicate, yet extremely precise wines in your glass, sometimes words fail you and you understand with humility that wine is more than just a drink.

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