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Helga Louise Schroeder

Master Sommelier

Master Sommelière Helga Schröder

The Court of Master Sommeliers

267 Master Sommeliers worldwide
5 Master Sommeliers from GER
First Master Sommelière in GER-AUT-CH

Master Sommelier

Helga Schroeder - first female Master Sommelière from Germany. Since the first test for the Master Sommelier was held back in 1969, there have been merely a few candidates who passed this exam at the Court of Master Sommeliers. An exam that is considered to be the toughest and most demanding of such in the drinks business, with a pass rate of just around 4%. There are currently (2024) only 267 members worldwide who bear the coveted title „Master Sommelier“.

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Over the years I have developed a diversified portfolio. With my long standing experience both as a coach and a facilitator in the trade and hospitality business I dedicate myself to professional hosting at presentations and masterclasses.

I'd be happy to support you as consultant, to open new markets and strategies for wineries and business-related associations; further I´m at your disposal on purchasing concerned issues.

Please feel free to contact me and together we can decide how I can assist you on a individual base to realise your projects and plans.


Born 1974, university entrance diploma, hotel expert, Sommelière (CCI), Head Sommelière and Restaurant Manager fine dining (michelin starred), Branch Manager wine trade, Fine Wine and Spirits Specialist, Hedonism Wines in London, Educator and Personal Consultant Wine and Spirits, Mövenpick Schweiz AG in Zürich, Prestige account manager, KierdorfWein, ALPINA WEIN, Head of purchasing


You're welcome to contact me on further enquiries via mail at info@helgaschroeder.com, via phone on +49 171 8661160 or via the contact form below:

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